What’s Up With School Lunches?


September is the ideal time to re-start your health. Here are a few tips and tricks to create a healthy lunch – and fast!

1. Pack – and prepare — the night before: During dinner, take out the rice cooker and prepare white or brown rice. Warm up in the morning and pair white rice with edamame and brown rice with beans.

2. Involve the kids: Let your children roll their own sushi with strawberries or veggies. For a sweet treat, create your own healthy gummy worms utilizing fruit juice and gelatin with collagen, benefiting hair, skin, nails and teeth. Make your own fruit roll-ups, minus the sugar, in three easy steps: Fruit, blend, dehydrate.

3. Consider a garden treat: Think of how excited your child was when he/she brought home an edible item from a garden. Consider growing your own snacks for lunch in a garden of your own.

Most importantly, ask children to pack and unpack their own lunches. Taking ownership will make them – and you—feel proud!

Bonus after school tip: Bars and high sugar snacks are so easy to grab. Consider making kids popcorn from home, popped in coconut oil and topped with grass-fed butter to fill their bellies with good fats. Coconut oil has short and medium chain fatty acids, which are easily digested and sent right to the liver for energy production. Your child may also benefit from its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Topped with sea salt and they will fight for the next bowl.

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