Sugar Free Travel

Whether you’re on the go everyday or traveling this season and looking for a few sugar-free, healthy snack for your or your children, take a look at this nourishing list to prepare you for the road ahead:

  1. Nick’s Sticks: Turkey sticks; lean, high protein snack – Enter “Baconbroccoli” at checkout for a discount! I pack a stash for every trip, you never know when you’ll be hungry!
  2. Brooklyn Biltong: Air dried beef for snacks, these are amazing!
  3. Thermos: You’ll need this. Always be prepared! I pack my steel cut oats in here before the flight takes off in the early a.m.
  4. Lundberg Square Rice Cakes (add rasberries) – my latest breakfast fave!
  5. Tajin and Jicama: Yum!
  6. Aveda tea: Makes a yummy dessert!
  7. Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Tea: Lovely herbal tea, only available in December or online!
  8. Riceless Sushi Roll: Nori Seaweed +Nova Lox, Capers and Cucumber – easy to make, carb-less rol
  9. Earthlust Water Bottle – Insulated, beautiful and just the right size!
  10. Ocean’s Halo has a ton of great new snacks I’m hoping the kids will munch on during long airport lines; some are lightly sweetened, but have less than 2g of sugar per serving. We love the seaweed sheets and chocolate almond snacks.

Binay Curtis is a nutritionist focused on food allergies and weight loss. She also is a sought after speaker and media trainer @GalaxySix.  For nutritional therapy information, please find Bacon + Broccoli on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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