Have you been thinking about the latest cleanse or detox? Or, feeling guilty that you have *not* done a cleanse? In January, there’s no way around it.  A simple google search will come up with all of the benefits of quick cleanses for your body. Many include claims for better digestion, increased energy, weight loss and a whole body detox.  So many clients ask me, “What’s the next big thing?” Many juice companies offer New Year’s cleanse specials. I was tempted again this year, I must admit! My husband and I have gone head-to-head on juice cleansing before…


Our refrigerator from January 2014

In the past, I have been most successful with EastWest Essentials, a company that offers real food plans with their cleanse formulas. I have experimented with their plans quite a few times and dropped 2-3 pounds and felt fantastic at my lowest weight in years.

With that said, did I gain some of the weight back? Yep! Do I really believe it was cleansing my system? Nope. Here’s the deal: our bodies have natural detoxification systems that allow toxins to move through your body when *foreigners* are not needed. The liver and kidneys play a big role in detoxification. Year-round exercise will contribute to your overall health, helping each system function properly, including natural detoxification pathways.

Short term cleanses are ok for just that – short term – but I present this idea to you: #healthylifestyle2017. What if we all take the success from these cleanses (or skip it all together?), drive it one step further, and consider the ways we can improve our overall health in the long run? I am excited that Urban Remedy just launched the “Metta-Morphosis” – a program that goes beyond just juice and takes a holistic approach to living a healthy life, including light meals, meditation, movement and more.  Kuddos @UrbanRemedy!



I remember the 16-year-old girl in me that decided short-term diets weren’t the way to go (after trying a few!).  Even at that age, I thought to myself, “What if I just eat healthy year-round and then I won’t have to do these stupid programs?” Since then, I’ve always been searching for the best path to a healthy lifestyle. Yes, sometimes that shifts. Yes, sometimes I need a good break from sugar or a metabolic makeover, but, no, I don’t believe in a short-term 3, 5 or 7-day fix.


Here I am at 20-years old lecturing on Nutrition!

Not sure where to start? Come up with 1-2 simple goals that are sustainable short term, and then consider extending it week-to-week then month-to-month then year-to-year.

A few examples include:

  1. #10ksteps a day:  10k steps a day will burn an extra 3500 calories per week (that’s one pound per week). Join a group of 100+ members on Facebook at #10kstepsadaywithbinay.
  2. #2minuteplankaday: Focus on your core for 2 minutes a day by holding a plank.  Our 10k group just added this challenge as an option for our winter wanderlust friends.
  3. Practice yoga at least 1x per week: Just stretch, strengthen and breathe!
  4. Get rid of sugar:  Time to break up with sugar. That means all forms of sugar including: cane sugar, brown sugar, brown syrup, glucose, and corn syrup.
  5. Bye-bye processed foods:  Start reading labels and familiarize yourself with ingredients in foods. Quite simply, ask yourself before you eat: “Where is this food grown/raised?”

Once you remove the junk, add some healthy food with healthy fats, including some of my more fun favorites like Almond Butter Cup, Apple Crisp and Dark Chocolate Blueberry Bliss.


If you still have trouble setting your path to long-term sustainable health, I invite you to reach out to me. Don’t expect any gimmicks, just expect a real food and educational plan and encouragement to lead a long healthy life, instead of a short-term stint. #Nocleanse2017 #Healthylifestyle2017.

Binay CurtisBinay Curtis is a nutritionist focused on food allergies and weight loss. She also is a sought after speaker and media trainer @GalaxySix.  For nutritional therapy information, please find Bacon + Broccoli on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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