My Paleo Break-Up: Ditching The Caveman

I love you Paleo, but we must part ways. You are no longer working for me. Don’t get me wrong, you’re perfect for someone else. As a matter of fact, I know 10 people you’d be just right for. Seriously though, it’s not you, it’s me.

Yes, it’s true, my dear audience. The creator of the blog, “Bacon + Broccoli” is coming out as no longer in love with a strict Paleo lifestyle…for me…right now… Of course,  you will never find me writing a blog called Cheerios + Cheesecake (or eating it for that matter), but Paleo is no longer helping me meet my goals.


CrossFit Whiteboard

Why? I’m already gluten-free, caffeine free, sugar free, dairy free, processed food free, alcohol and drug free. Coming from a history of clean eating, the Paleo program was easy for me and I enjoyed every single hamburger, egg (including the yolks) and roasted vegetable.  Heck, I even lost a couple of pounds. However, after living with Paleo for about 5 years, we just got tired of each other. I felt sluggish and I was unable to achieve my CrossFit goals; no matter how hard I tried, I seemed to have scored *much* lower than my CrossFit friends around me.


Paleo Treats

My pants starting fitting tighter, although, I admit that I was the master of Paleo treats

Oh dear Paleo, it was never about the Caveman, it was more about staying lean, strong, fit and fabulous!

As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I kept hearing the word “bio-individuality,” meaning, we are as different in the inside as we are on the outside. So, when a few of my colleagues wanted to experiment with different whole, real food approaches to nutrition program, I was all-in. We took all of our knowledge and addressed our nutritional foundations (most of us had already addressed it), experimented with macronutrient rotation, nutritional supplements and some popular diets including the Fast Metabolism Diet and AltShift. Coincidentally, my CrossFit Coach and friend also tried a new nutrition plan and even Diane SanFillipo, author of Practical Paleo, was experimenting with non-paleo programs as well (listen to episode #228 here).  I also started to change nutritional plans for clients that had been on Paleo/GF/Sugar-Free for a long time who were unable to achieve their goals. Each of us had completely different approaches and each of us was successful on our weight-loss goals; bio-individuality was really shining.

In addition, my personal exercise plan changed from CrossFit and light running to power yoga, Pilates, swimming and weight training. Within 3 months, I was starting to see a difference on the scale and my muscle definition and strength increased.

The results were measured utilizing Hydrostatic Measurement a.k.a The Fat Dunk Tank, and, after months of nutritional cross-training and exercise changes, the results were pretty amazing:

  • I lost 8 lbs of *fat body mass*
  • My lean body mass increased by 5 percent
  • My body fat decreased by 6 percent

Here’s what I’ve learned that I hope to pass on to my clients:

  • Variety is key to success: Find the right combination for your body and cross-train your nutrition program the same way you cross-train in your workout routine. Your body will get stuck if you don’t switch it up.
  • We are all uniquely different and what works for one person may not work for another:  I delayed this post for a long time because I am unable to tell you what combination is right for you without learning more about you, because we are all as unique on the inside as we are on the outside.
  • Enjoy your fitness routine: I admit it, I love fitness for fitness-sake; it’s fun and not always meant to be brutal – if you enjoy it, you will stick with it. Of course, the more advanced you get, the more goals you’ll need to have and weights you need to lift for strength (more on this in a future post).
  • Work with a coach: Although I am a Nutritionist, I started working with a coach to help me plan different nutrition approaches to find the one that works for me. This is always a work in progress and may change monthly. Even coaches need a coach. Even coaches need a change.


Join me on my next journey to lead you in a program that will work for you. Whether it’s the Metabolic Makeover, Athletic Endeavors, 1:1 nutrition consulting, an allergy action plan or  The RESTART sugar detox, I will work with you on your individual needs. I’ve got your back! Follow me @baconandbroccoli on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for daily motivation, nuggets from my current coaching course and smart nutrition facts.

About Binay:

Binay CurtisBinay Curtis, Nutritionist, focuses on a balanced approach to health through real foods and specializes in weight loss and food allergies. With more than two decades of health writing, fitness, nutrition, health and biotechnology marketing at Galaxy Six Strategies, Binay leverages her experience to bring nutrition education programs to individuals and corporations through her company, Bacon + Broccoli = Nutrition in Balance.

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  1. Maxine Johnson says:

    Great article. And it just confirms my belief that EVERYONE needs to be tested on a regular basis. How do you know where your body is unless you ask it? Trapped toxins? Exposure to chemicals? Changes in adrenal behavior? Stress? And exercise is treated as a stress.
    I’m an energy worker and employ a technique called NRT, Nutrition Response Testing. It’s one of many ways to speak to the body and “listen” to the answers from the body that will tell you what needs to be helped. Sometimes it takes a long time for an issue to be revealed because we vet well in layers just like we get sick in layers. Just my two-cents worth. Best in health! Maxine Johnson, NTP Kirkland Wa

  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Binay! I love that you wrote about this. The paleo paradigm is so dominant that it’s easy to forget that there are lots of others ways to nourish your body. Bio-individuallity was emphasized so much in our program but when it came to myself I tried to paleo harder which was not the answer. I love the idea of cross-training your nutrition!


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