Finding GREAT in Being FULL!

holiday meal

The final countdown…Family, food and festivities are about to begin and many of us are preparing for the day ahead.

Below are a few strategies for finding the GREAT in being FULL and avoiding a sugar crash after the holiday gatherings*.

1. Make all your choices conscious ones. If you are at a gathering and decide to eat more than you usually would, that is your choice. Know that there may be consequences, and let that be OK! It won’t do you any good to beat yourself up or feel guilty for your choices. Enjoy it thoroughly and then let it go!

2. If you are going to someone else’s home, eat a little before you go. Don’t starve yourself all day or save up your calories, rather, adequately feed yourself a good balance of proteins, fats and carbs throughout the day so you won’t be ravenous when you arrive.

3. Before you take that first bite, take a few slow, deep breaths and make sure you are in a relaxed state (Remember, Cheers, Chill & Chew!). This is the only way you can properly digest that scrumptious food. Sharing things that you are thankful for can also help you get to that relaxed state.

4. Chew Your Food! Really taste and appreciate those wonderful flavors. This will also help your digestive system work more effectively.

5. Drink H20: On a regular day, one should drink half of their body weight in ounces. So, a 120lb woman should drink 60 ounces of water. Calculate an *additional* 1.5 for every 6 ounces of alcohol you have as well. And then add that to your total daily ounces. During the holiday festivities, sip small amounts of your beverage of choice during the meal, but try not to drink too much (of anything) during or immediately after the meal. It dilutes your digestive juices.

Let go of any guilt that surrounds food and know that we are lucky to have such a feast at our table. Let’s practice being grateful and being great-full together.

And…if all else fails, feel free to connect with me after the holidays and ask about the next RESTART Program in your area!

*Abstracted from The RESTART® Program © 2015 All rights reserved


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