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Have you experienced mood swings, brain fog and stubborn weight loss?  If it’s time for a RESET, this cleanse is for you. Helping to eliminate toxins and set you on the right path to eat clean, this cleanse program has already worked wonders for me and my clients.  I LOVE FOOD, so trust me: if I can do this, you can do it too! Plus, you will have access to a supportive community, conversations, contests, and a maintenance meal plan, created by a nutritionist (that’s me!), to help keep the weight off.

About the cleanse:

The 5-Day Optimal Cleanse is a nutrient based whole body detoxification program that incorporates targeted foods, powerful rice based detox shakes, and a step by step plan to guide you through your cleanse and beyond.  Because it includes real food, your body slowly becomes accustomed to the shakes and over time and eventually relies on them exclusively for nutrition. Designed to go after fat, this program helps your body physically reset and sets you up for success for any weight loss program. The 5-Day Optimal Cleanse is recommended by many doctors and has been successfully used with my clients and medical clinics around the country.

“This cleanse served as the ideal jump-start to my weight loss program. As a business owner and a mother with very little time, it was easy to follow and helped me get on track to living a healthier lifestyle. I’m thrilled I lost weight and will continue losing with the nutrition guided follow-up program created by Binay.”

Next Group Cleanse ~ January 8, 2018

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5 Day Cleanse Includes:

  • 1 bottle of Optimal Cleanse (21 servings)
  • 1 bottle of Optimal Movement (100 capsules)
  • Guided Instruction & Daily Cleanse Tips
  • Maintenance & Meal Plans for 3 Weeks
  • Private Group Support via Faceboook
Sample Menu

DAY 1:
3 Optimal Cleanse Beverages
2 Small Snacks
1 Meal
2 Optimal Movement supplements 2 x a day

DAY 2:
4 Optimal Cleanse Beverages
1 Small Snacks
1 Meal
2 Optimal Movement supplements 2 x a day

DAY 3 & 4:
5 Optimal Cleanse Beverages
2 Optimal Movement supplements 2 x a day

DAY 5:
4 Optimal Cleanse Beverages
1 fruit snack
1 veggie and grain meal
2 Optimal Movement supplements 2 x a day

Chocolate Ingredients

Supplement Ingredients

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