Bacon + Broccoli is Born!

My mom is going to have a breakdown when she reads this name. I didn’t eat bacon until I was 30 years old. At least not intentionally. I never grew up in a house with Bacon since I grew up in a Kosher home. For as long as I can remember, someone in my family had dietary restrictions. My mother kept Kosher and we all followed along because she was in charge. My dad became vegan and soon, thereafter, I followed along.

On one of the evenings I was thinking about my business, my son (who has inspired my business) was eating bacon and broccoli for dinner. He didn’t want a baked potato, fish or green beans. (No, seriously, I still don’t understand why!) All he wanted was Bacon + Broccoli.

Bacon + Broccoli is the perfect balance of imbalance. Is it healthy, or is it not? Is it Paleo, and if so, who cares? Is it Kosher? (HA) But, was it the right meal for him at that moment? Yes. Did he eat what the rest of the family ate that night like the pediatricians and parent coaches recommend? No. Was it what his body craved? Yes.

I obtained my Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC) Certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA); their philosophy comes from Weston A. Price Foundation — eating whole real foods. Originally, I learned about this philosophy years ago through my pediatricians who advocate eating whole, real foods and raw milk (which, I admit, I’ve never tried but do love the concept!). I believe in a holistic perspective and don’t think one way of eating is right for everyone. Whether you’re Paleo, Weston Price, GF, Sugar Free or just hoping for a healthier you, I want to support you in your goals.

As a communications coach, I continue to offer executives media and speaker training at Galaxy Six Strategies, and have recently expanded  services to include nutrition workshops for companies.

At Bacon + Broccoli, I aim to create clear communication around nutrition instead of trusting the media. Is bacon or butter really ok to eat? What is the right thing to eat? Is eating a Paleo diet really good for us? Why is broccoli such a big deal? Most importantly, I hope to help children with allergies, like my son, eat a nutrient dense diet, despite the list of things he cannot (and will not) eat.

I have always had an intense passion around eating healthy and exercising. I graduated with a BS in Journalism with an emphasis on health writing, worked in the editorial department at Muscle & Fitness Magazine, and managed Public Relations for Life Fitness, NordicTrack and Foodily. I’ve taught exercise since I was a teen, and I’m certified by the American Yoga Association and YogaKids!

Follow me here or on Twitter @baconandbroc to get the most up-to-date information on Paleo eating and nutrient dense diets for kids and adults. Discover what’s in store for you and your family!

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