Back to Basics – Bacon + Broccoli


Have you heard about “clean eating” but not sure what that even means? Are you ready to lose weight, become more productive in the workplace and feel energetic throughout the entire day? This 3-week educational program will teach you nutrition basics and guide you through a 21 Day clean eating challenge that will leave you energized, inspired, motivated and feeling great.

Participants Learn

Week 1: Introduction: What is “clean eating” and how do I get started?

Week 2: Cut through the clutter:  From gluten-free to organic to GMO, learn the difference and what really matters.

Week 3: Life in the fast lane: How to effectively meal plan and eat healthy on the go — in meetings, at the office cafe, or on the road.

Participants Experience

    • Weight Loss
    • Increased Work Productivity
    • Mental Clarity
    • Improved Mood
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